pleased I am to have found Joann when I was looking for a Shih-Tzu. Milkshake is the sweetest, most adorable little girl. I was only able to have one child, a beautiful 10-year-old girl, and now it's like I'm getting to go through some of those same things with "Milkshake" that I did when my daughter was a baby. She fits into our family so well! I raise a few small breeds of dogs myself and was finally on the other end as a buyer instead of a seller and I think Joann answered every question that I had without hesitation. My advice to anyone looking for this breed of dog- BUY FROM JOANN!!!

Thank you again! Chasity


We recently got a puppy from Rodney & Joann Shedd  and we couldn't be more pleased. When we first went to see the puppies we were able to see all of them and hold them, etc. I was amazed at two things, first how sweet the mother dog was and how she let us hold them without getting upset. Secondly I was impressed with how Joann interacted with the dogs. It was obvious to us that she really loves these dogs and cares about them. The laid back nature and sweet personality of the mother dog spoke volumes about what type of treatment she was accustomed to and made me feel great about the puppy I was picking out. The Shedds were so good about sending me pictures of "Manja" on going which my family really appreciated. We now have pictures of him that you normally would never have from most breeders. The name "Manja" means spoiled and I can assure you, he is! We love him dearly and I will most definitely refer anyone I know looking for a ShihTzu puppy to Rodney & Joann!

                                                             Sincerely, Kelly T

I found out about Shedd's shih tzu's via an ad in the Tennessean. The ad had a reference to a website, which I accessed and found to be very informative and easy to navigate.  Upon contacting the Shedds, they responded to me within hours of my initial email, and were very open to me coming down to see the puppies.  Once down in Lawrenceburg, they welcomed me into their home and let both me and my boyfriend handle all of the puppies, see the mother, and even play with their pet Shih Tzus. After I decided to purchase, we kept in contact via email and they sent me weekly updates that included pictures of the puppies.  Once the day came to get the puppies, Joann was willing to drive halfway to meet me. All in all, I made an excellent choice for a breeder and am very pleased with the two results!  
  Kelly Harville

I have bought a male puppy from the Shedd's and am going to also buy 2 more female. I only wished i had found the Shedd's before i had gotten into my shih-tzu as i found them to very honest and people who you can trust to help you pick one that you would be happy with. I am buying two before they are even here so if you would like to call me please feel free to do so. I am very happy with my littly male.They will help you in any thing you need to call as i have called at the drop of a hat to talk and ask things that other ones just seems not to want to take the time to help to answer , they just wanted to sell and not think of the person and the the puppy that will be going to a new home to live out is life so call me and call to pick a puppy just for you.  Linda F

I met Joanne after reading an ad for shih-tzy puppies in the Nashville paper. After contacting Joanne, I drove down to look at the litters. Joanne welcomed me into her home to view the puppies and the moms. I was so impressed with her kennel. It was so clean an all of the dogs looked so healthy and happy. You could tell that they all knew Joanne and loved her. I chose a beautiful little puppy, which I've named Pearl. My husband and I are in love with her. She is so healthy and happy and is growing like a weed. Pearl is very smart and learns so quickly. I really feel that this is a reflection on Pearls mother, Candie and on Joanne for taking such good care of the pups. She really cares about all of her dogs and it shows.

Joanne is the the only person I would ever buy a shih-tzu from.


Thank you so much Joanne for Pearl, our very special girl. 

Sincerely, Mary Jane P

We bought our very first Shih-Tzu puppy (Turner) from Rodney and Joann when he was only a week old. They were great at sending us pictures and giving us updates on how he was doing until he could come home. Joann's indoor puppy nursery is wonderful...clean and plenty of room for the puppies to play. I was highly impressed with the space she has created for them. Turner came home at around five weeks old and was practically housebroken when we got him, thanks to Rodney and Joann. He is so laid back and great with our little girls. I would recommend buying your next puppy from the Shedds. If we decide on another Shih-Tzu, that's where we will go. Thanks again Rodney and Joann!


Patrick and Amy C

Dowelltown, TN

I highly recommend adopting a puppy from Shedd's Shih Tzus.  After doing a lot of research on the breed, I found Joann's ad in the Tennessean.  I called a lot of breeders before deciding to meet with Joann.  She was accomodating and friendly.  I couldn't have asked for a better puppy.  Her puppies are very well cared for and healthy.  Our puppy is now part of our family and we are enjoying her so much.  I cannot thank Joann enough for giving us such a precious gift as a loving, well-adjusted , healthy puppy.  You know you are getting quality when you go with Shedd's.  It was well worth the drive and the money to be guaranteed a top-notch quality Shih Tzu!

Kim S

I recently purchased a shih tzu from the Shedd’s. I have owned shih tzu’s since the 1970’s but this little girl has the sweetest disposition of any we have owned. She has a beautiful coat and markings, a good jaw line, good teeth, and good leg/body proportion.

It had been a while since we have had a puppy, and Joann has been wonderful helping me with all of my questions about the care of my new baby girl.

She has brought such joy and energy into our home and has become a great companion for our 5 year old shih tzu. I hope someday to add yet another beautiful shih tzu to our family from the Shedds. I would highly recommend the Shedd’s for the most sweet beautiful shih tzus !!!!! You are welcome to contact me for a recommendation or recent pictures of our angel Gracie.

Debbie L





  This is Kristi and Brad. We found the Shedd's on our local trading post. I called Joann and she was very friendly.She told me everything about her Shihtzus.I was interested in a female and I saw a picture of Wiggins.This was definitely the puppy for us.She answered every question that I could think of and was very cooperative and explained everything that I asked very well.We decided to meet the next day.She drove to my hometown and met me with my new baby.I was so impressed with Joann and it was love at first sight when I saw my new puppy who we named Bella.As Joann and I were filling out the paperwork,I was holding Bella and she was wagging her tail and licking me all over.There was no doubt in my mind that she had definitely come from the most loving and compassionate family ever.I hugged Joann before I left to bring Bella home and I called her a couple of days later to let her know what a joy Bella has brought into our lives.She is so playful and friendly and is spoiled rotten.She went to get her second set of shots today and my vet told me that I had a very healthy puppy.I am so glad that we found Ronald and Joann Shedd.I would recommend anyone who is looking for the most beautiful,healthy and loved Shihtzu puppies from Ronald and Joann..Thank you Ronald and Joann for our sweet little Bella.We love her so much.

Brad and Kristi H




Hello. My name is Chrystalyn. I purchased a beautiful Shihtzu from Rodney & Joann Shedd. I could tell when I first met them they had a true passion for Shihtzu. They were very welcoming and displayed much patience answering all of my questions. After I paid my deposit to hold the puppy, she sent pictures of my puppy and gave me updates on how she was doing on a regular basis.
She was very open and honest about my puppy. I will tell you that she and her husband spoil the dogs greatly. With all the love the Shedds give to the puppies, my puppy is so loving not to mention spoiled as well. My puppy has received nothing but good health reports from the vet. I have referred everyone that I know to the Shedds because of my awesome experience. If you are truly interested in purchasing a shihtzu, Shedds Shihtzus are awesome breeders and people to meet.
Thank you Joann & Rodney