Just wanted to send you a reference for our beautiful Shih Tzu girl Bella. She is absolutely perfect as far as we are concerned and my Vet of almost 20 years said she was healthy and he could not have picked out a better puppy himself. She got a perfect first and second checkup, first puppy I have gotten that did not have a thing wrong with them, no flea no worms no ear mites just perfect also no hernia. Joann is the best she answered every single phone call I made to her as well as answered my many e-mails. Originally I was put down for a chocolate female to be born the end of April and there came Bella, the person that was originally going to get her did not come through so when Joann send me a picture of our Bella we fell in love with her from the start, she had the same daddy just a different momma and she is a rainbow of colors. Black mask, some caramel, red, black blond and white in her coat with little short hamster legs, but she can run like the wind. You can tell that Joann takes great pride in her business and takes wonderful care of her adults as well as her babies. We had 3 Shih Tzu’s and one of our precious Angels, our first born went to the rainbow bridge after the most wonderful 15 years she gave us. We did not think we could get another puppy so soon but the other 2 are older as well and if something happens to one of them the other would be left alone and that would never work they have never been alone just one of them I mean. Joann was so kind and patient with me that by the time Bella came around we were comfortable brining a new puppy into our family. I would recommend this Breeder to anyone if you get a baby from her you can feel save that it will be healthy and happy and well taken care of, believe me I have seen a lot of breeders over the years one of mine came from a puppy mill, we have plenty of them around here and she was very sick when we got her and paid a good bit of money for her as well, but I could not leave her with that woman so I knew I was taken a chance. Visited several more Breeders with our second one and many of them did not want to show me the parents or where they kept them, when I finally did get to see them all I could do was cry and leave. So it is hard to find a good Breeder in this area that has wonderful puppies and fair prices, some that I saw on the internet an average person cannot afford I know I could not have, Joann told me she likes to keep pricing fair so everyone that she approves of can afford one of her babies. Joann also invites you to her home to come see where everyone lives and get to know your puppy, Bella was just turning 8 weeks old so we did not have the bonding time Joann invites you to have, but Bella was ready for us she fit right in God had a plan, potty training was a breeze with her since Joann had already started that and Shih Tzu’s can be hard to potty train sometimes. Bella gave us lots of kisses on the way home and never cried one time. She eats well and we had our baby for 4 weeks now and she sleeps through the night and if she has to go potty she gets up like a big girl and goes by herself and then comes back to her bed amazing at her age, she is a very smart girl and a beautiful girl inside and out. I could write on and on but I think this sums the most important points up, Joann is the best and most caring person I have ever met and all our babies will come from Joann from now on, finally no more searching and looking to find the perfect little Shih Tzu Joann Shedd is it, you can trust her 100 % and she still stays in touch with me and we talk about Bella. Like she will tell you if you have a question about your puppy contact her any time and she be glad to help and this is also very true. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for Bella and for shaping the first 8 weeks of her life so well and keeping her healthy and well taking care of.
You are the best Ute