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February 18, 2013


Dear Joann,


Meeting you and my new addition to the family, Jack, was truly meant to be.  My husband and I were looking for a puppy for Valentine’s Day for myself.  I started my search on the internet, and ran upon your website.  I could feel the love you have for your babies through the website!  All the puppies had bows in their hair, boys or girls, in the little puppy studio.  I did look at other sites, but I kept coming back to yours. 

After calling you, you were already headed to Nashville to meet with another family; you patiently waited while I raced to the other side of town to meet you.  The puppy I was actually interested in, you had with you!  (I am telling you it was meant to be!)  Luckily, the other family chose the other pup and I was able to get Jack. 

The instance your husband walked around the truck and handed Jack to my husband, I was already in love.  His coloring was just so beautiful, and he was instantly loving towards us.  You had everything we needed, most of all, Jack. 

Since bringing Jack home, he is such a joy to my family.  His temperament is outstanding for a puppy!  Jack is always happy, running around, playing with my children, kissing us all over our face, and biting our toes.  To be only eight weeks old, he surprised us so.  Jack has NOT had one accident, and always uses the puppy pad.  We did not use the puppy pen, he runs about the house just as we do.  Even with not using the puppy pen, still no accidents!

Joann, I know without you and your outstanding skills, he would not be so trained.  I just cannot believe a puppy that young ALWAYS goes to the potty on the puppy pad.    Jack is so sweet. 

ALL – do not buy anywhere but from Joann.  I have never seen anything like this, and you will not be disappointed.  Joann has brought such joy to my life through Jack.  I know any of her pups will bring delight, cheerfulness, glee, and happiness to you and your family. 



As a first time pet owner, I was very hesitant to purchase a puppy from a breeder. I had always heard things like ďpuppy millsĒ and pets living in awful conditions. While doing a little research online I stumbled onto Joannís website and decided to take a look. The first thing I noticed was that the word ďpuppyĒ is not part of Joannís vocabulary! All references were made to her ďbabiesĒ. After looking around I got the impression that Joann was a very loving owner, so I decided to give her a call.Joann was extremely helpful and patient. She answered all of my questions, and invited me to come out and view the nursery. From my visit, it was confirmed: Joann really does love her babies! Aside from being clean enough to eat off the floor, the nursery was warm and inviting, with soft music playing in the background. All of the moms and babies seemed so happy and social. I immediately fell in love with my baby, and decided to make the purchase.As my little guy grew, Joann sent me pictures every week to keep me updated! Even after taking him home, Joann continues to take calls whenever I have any questions. She has given advice on everything from feeding to neutering! My sweet boy is beautiful, healthy, and extremely loving. Three months later, I canít wait to get a second baby from Joann to make our little family complete!If you are considering a Shihtzu, I would highly recommend Joann

I just want to say how thrilled we have been to have Daisy May join our family. She hasfit right in from the start and stolen our hearts. She is doing really well. She lovesher big sister Maia (our schnauzer ), and my two children, Alyssa and Connor. They carryher around like a baby. She absolutely loves them and is so sad when they go to schoolShe follows me everywhere I go. She starts her first puppy class this week. She is verysmart and has learned a lot of commands already.She has had healthy vet visits from the beginning.If we ever get another fur baby, it will definitely be from you. Thank you so much. If we ever get another fur baby, it will definitely be from you. Thank you so much.Tonya . .

PUPPY LOVERS There are no words to express how pleased I am with my little boy, he is so sweet and well behaved. He is not a picky about his food, he doesnít beg when we are eating doesnít cry at night when kennled but the best thing about Joanns babies that they are potty trained to a tray when they come to your home. I picked him up on Saturday and on Sunday he had only 2 accidents and the rest of the time he has used his tray and I have not had to take him outside. THATíS THE BEST PART! If you would like to have a new baby but dread the house breaking part of the training~~ BUY FROM JOANN~~. I took him to my vet for his check up and the doctor mentioned several times what a fine baby I had THAT HE WAS VERY HEALTHLY AND WELL TAKEN CARE OF. GAIL S

I am so pleased to highly recommend Joann Shedd and her beautiful shih tzus. I was still grieving after losing one of my shih tzus last spring when I found her website. Joann was warm and so welcoming when I visited her home. The nursery was so clean and the mothers and babies were so well cared for. I picked out my little Kristi that day and she has been a true joy. She is so well adjusted, has a wonderful personality and no problems with potty training . I will definitely call Joann again when I'm ready for another shih tzu . Glenda L - Nashville TN

The moment Joann Shedd answered the phone, I knew I had found the right breeder. Her voice radiated such love and passion for these little dogs and she was so kind to talk to. I had been following her website for several years, and after losing my precious 14 1/2 year-old dachshund, I knew I wanted a shihtzu at some point. It took several months of intense grieving before I could even pick up the phone and contact a breeder. Some I talked to just didn't give me that "warm and fuzzy" feeling, but when I talked to Joann, I knew I had found the one. After waiting on several litters, we finally picked out Maddy when she was just 5 days old. Six weeks later when we came to pick her up, we got a wonderful surprise! There, playing in the pen with Maddy, was her sister. We had only planned to get one puppy, but when we saw how attached they were to each other and how adorable they were together, we just couldn't bear to separate them. So now we have Maddy and Lola! It was the best decision ever! Now I don't feel guilty when I have to leave the house because they have each other. They are truly inseperable.The pen and potty tray Joann recommends has been a great investment. The girls have never had an accident in their pen,and at 9 weeks old are about 90% potty trained. I take the potty tray out of the pen when they are not in it and only occasionally will they have an accident on the carpet. They actually want back in the pen after they have been romping and playing hard. I have a soft little bed in there for them, along with a small travel crate which they love to cuddle up in at night. They also have their food and water and toys in there, so they are self-contained, which is wonderful for young puppies, and gives us a break! I can't begin to tell you how much joy and happiness these 2 little babies have brought us. We can't stop smiling Diane G!

Dear Joanne, Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with our little Dutchess Ann. We recently took her to the Vet. The best vet in town. He said that she is perfect. He is going to continue with the same vaccines that you used because he said that they are the best. He did a worm test NO worms. He looked for fleas NO fleas. Her heart is perfect.Our vet stated you take very good care of your little ones and it shows on how perfect she is. Dutchess went straight to her potty tray when we got home and has had no mishaps. EVERYONE in the clinic carried her around talking about how sweet she is. You must have bathed her. She smelled so good. She even had a pretty bow in her top knotÖwith two extra bows. Last but not least you taught us how to feed her and gave us extra food to tide us over until we could get the same. She is eating and drinking very well. I just want every one to know how clean all your babies was when we came to vist along with her nursery. You can tell by just talking to her she loves her babies and gives them so much love, Joanne lets you decide on your own which baby you want, not once did she try and push us to make a decision on which puppy we should get. Dutchess is even playing with her toys at this tender young age. We highly recommend Joanne Shedd as a breeder. She gives her babies lots of attention and really LOVES them! George and Elizabeth

want to thank you so much for our little Yankee( named after my son's favorite baseball team ) . He is the sweetest puppy with the best personality. We love him so much. He wakes my kids up every morning with his puppy kisses. He is turning out to be a beautiful brindle color. When we first arrived to get Yankee at Joann's house I was very impressed with the care all the dogs received. I could tell she truly loves all her adult dogs and her babies. The room the puppies were in was very neat and clean. All the puppies were clean and smelled wonderful. I could tell she put alot of time and effort into caring for them . I was amazed at how he was already paper trained when I got him. This made it very easy to move him over to the potty pads at home. I purchased the same potty pen she uses and it has been a lifesaver. I love that he is not in a little crate every day while I am at work. He has room to run and play. We will be getting a female puppy from Joann in the fall. I have been very pleased with my purchase and would highly recommend her if you are looking for a beautiful Shih Tzu puppy. Thanks, Christy Mn

We just returned from picking up our second puppy from Joann shedd. Our first puppyis a boy named Jasper he is three years old and is the joy of our lives. We had such agood experience with joann and she was so helpful and you can tell that she loves herdogs so much. That was the reason we decided to get a second puppy from her,we knew thatthe puppy would be healthy and well adjusted already. I had no problem with puppy padshe knew exactly what to do already :) big help!,Thank you,Sharon Q

We were visiting Lawrenceburg for a Gospel sing and saw Ms. Joann Sheddís web site for Shih-Tzu puppies. We went to see the new litter. Her kennels were extremely clean and the dogs were well taken care of and she has all her litters examined by her Veterinarian. She is also endorsed by the AKC association. As I looked at the puppies I noticed the exact one I had been looking for...tan, female, runt of the litter. Needless to say we purchased her. After picking up our puppy and arriving home we had her check by our veterinarian and he said she was in excellent health for a 1 pound puppy. We love our Nicki Erin and would recommend purchase of a puppy from Ms Joann.

I just want to say how happy I am to have found Joann's site online. I lost my beloved 16 year old Shih Tzu several months ago and decided I wanted another. Joann was great, as was the nursery the babies and their mothers were kept in. Very clean! We visited our baby before he came home and Joann was always very helpful, answering all of our questions for us. Our little boy is awesome! We had planned on naming him Henry, but decided on Loki once we got him home and saw his little personality coming out! He is a playful, spoiled little mess! He came into our home and made it his. He has adapted very well and sleeps through the night without crying. You can tell he was raised right. We love him very much and are so happy with Shedd's Shih Tzus. Thanks! Amy and James Ptt

October 2, 2010 is my great pleasure to offer this letter of reference for Shedds Shih Tzus. My family and I have been looking for several months for a companion for our 6 month old Shih Tzu, Gidget. I called Joann while she and her husband happened to be on vacation after viewing her outstanding website and I didnít know until 30 minutes into our conversation that she was out camping in the wilderness!! She so enjoys talking about her precious babies, answering my many questions and concerns about finding the right puppy to join our family. I chose a gorgeous little guy from her sweet Autumn, she had nicknamed him Doddles, and he is the most precious little hershyís kisses chocolate drop that u could ever lay eyes on! He has the perfect teddy bear face, extremely well socialized, and incredibly at the age of less than eight weeks fully paper tray trained! Joann keeps the cleanest nusery in her home for all of her precious babies, that he absolutely will not tolerate a messy potty area, which would only happen with a puppy who was never allowed to sit in his or her mess for any period of time. We just came inside from our backyard where my 7 yr old son spent 30 minutes parading Jet in his old Little Tykes Wagon and it was such a site seeing him paws forward, tail wagging, and my son laughing and baby talking to his new little friend. Gidget was chasing after them quite interested in her new buddy J I am so happy we found Joann and her lovely extended doggie family, a true treasure in this day of puppy raising in cages and crates by some individuals whose only concern is a pocket full of cash. I HIGHLY recommend anyone who wants a lovely addition to their family to check out her beautiful babies.

I knew from the first time I got in contact with Joann that I had picked the right breeder ¬ she was always upfront and honest about everything. She was willing to answer any questions I had with no complication. I took ¬ my sweet Abu home on September 1, 2017 and he is the most loving dog I have ever met. He knows no stranger! Abu has yet to have a true potty accident. He was about 85% pad trained when I got him. He has the best temperament. I could definitely tell that Joann and her family had worked with him to ensure socialization and well rounded behavior. Abu came to me extremely clean and well groomed. He loves his toys. His fur has lightened in color considerably after his first groom. My god he is such a sweet boy and loves to be held for hours! Thank you so much Joann for my amazing little boy! Adam M

found the Shedd's website from a local pet website. When I called,Ā@Joann invited me to come see her puppies. When we arrived, we were invited in and were able to play with any of the puppies we wanted. The mother were nearby and did not mind our playing with their puppies. Joann answered all the questions wwe had and 2 hours after we arrived I bought a female brindle puppy. I had to leave her with Joann for a week because of her age. I picked her up a week later and have been very happy with her health and disposition. Dixie is a very happy playful puppy. SheĀ@gets along with our 14 year old Sheltie and loves toĀ@play with our 2 year old cat. I am very pleased with my puppy. Joann was very patient and answered all our questions.Ā@I would recommend Joann if you are looking for happy healthyĀ@Shih Tzu puppies, Morris K

I highly recommend going to Joann to get a Shih-Tzu. She has the best quality of Shih-Tzu puppies Iíve ever seen, all of them get so much love and attention from her you can tell by how loving and well-mannered they already are at such a young age. When I got my puppy Penelope at 6 weeks she was almost already fully potty trained, which is amazing! She is truly the joy of my life, I love her to death! But I know she would of never turned out that way if she didnít have Joann (: ~Desiree


After my 15 yr old Shih tzu lost his battle with age issues, he left me and his little brother Chase (9 yr old Shih tzu) in Feb. He left us very lonely with broken hearts. After about 6 wks I started my search for another Shih tzu (preferably the perfect one) because I had just lost Mr. Perfect! For weeks I searched the newspaper, internet, social media, morning noon and night. Most wanted more than what I had to spend. One day on my noon search of the internet I came across Shedd's Shih tzu's and decided to look around and I'm so glad I did! The first group of babies that I came to, there he was. Just like the one I had in my mind and it was a boy, just what I wanted. I knew he was perfect for Chase and I. I called Jo Ann immediately to secure my spot with this baby. I instantly knew by talking to her, the love she has for each and everyone of her babies.May 2nd couldn't get here fast enough. I was so excited to finally get this sweet baby boy! The first thing he did was to give me kisses which melted my heart. Once we got home, he was introduced to Chase. Chase was glad to finally have someone to play with. I had fixed the baby a cozy bed, his potty tray and water in a playpen for nite nite. I put him to bed and off to bed myself. This baby slept all night, didn't hear a peep from him. He is now 4 1/2 mos. old and I still hear nothing from him at night. He faithfully used his potty tray until we started our outside training. It didn't take him long to catch on to that. He is by far one of the most smartest Shih tzus I've ever had. When I compare Joann to other breeders that I've gotten Shih tzus from, she does a remarkable job with her babies. She makes sure each one gets the proper attention, nutrition, vet checked and lots of love. You can tell that by the way her babies act. Mine hasn't given me an oz. of trouble, just lots of love. I feel so blessed to have found her and my perfect baby boy (Cooper)! I have found my forever Shih tzu breeder. Thanks Joann!~~WANDA J~~

I have always owned large breed dogs and told myself I would never have a small dog foone reason or another. Well in February of 2014 that changed! We met a lady that had one of Joann's beautiful Shih Tzu puppies and gave us Joann's number. From the moment I spoke to Joann about the breed and her upcoming litters, I knew with out a doubt that (1) JoanLOVES all her babies and is a very responsible breeder (2) that my life would be changed forever and I couldn't wait to get my daughter a puppy! You see my daughter (age 15 atthe time) had lost her best friend 1 1/2 years prior (our Whippet Eve) and she wasfinally ready for a new puppy. We brought Penelope home in April 2014 and we fell in lovewith her. I loved her so much that I told Joann I wanted a second baby for me! There was a litter born in May and that's when my baby Isabella found ME. I fell in love with her.I was nervous to have 2 puppies in the house, but these baby's are absolutely perfect!!!! I am so glad I picked up the phone that day in February and called Joann. I hope Joann breeds forever because Shih Tzu will ALWAYS own me! My heart is forever bonded to this breed and to my babies. Thank you Joann for bringing so much joy into our lives, these Shih Tzu are the most beautiful babies and best personalities. KELLY BN


I purchased our beautiful baby Scarlett from Joann on the 16th of June and I must say dealing with her was awesome. First and foremost, her home and nursery for these babies are immaculate. She updated me weekly with pictures of my baby girl which made the wait much easier and communicated with me on a regular basis. She states that her babies will be 80% potty trained and that is no understatement. My baby is 8 weeks old and is completely potty trained with little effort on my part. I recommend anyone that is looking for a Shih Tzu baby look no further. You will not be disappointed if working with Joann. Thanks again so much for our sweet Scarlett. You're the best!! **Shay*!

We are so thankful that we purchased our little Shih Tzu puppy from Joann Shedd. We've only had our puppy for several weeks and are crazy about her.¬ She is such a special puppy, very fun, full of energy, and is beautiful.¬ She has a very full coat and is almost pure ¬ whiteIt was very important to me to buy our puppy from a reputable breeder.¬ I searched the web, found Joanne's website, called her, and asked if I could come and meet her and and meet the mama dog as well.¬ It was important to me to know that my puppy didn't come from a "puppy mill." ¬ We drove from Memphis to Lawrenceburg and I'm so glad we did.¬ Joanne loves her dogs (her babies as she calls them.) The puppies were born in her home and kept there until they are ready to go to their forever home.¬ After the puppies were born, she sent me a picture about every week so I could feel a part of this little puppy's life.¬ She even kept her an extra week because we were on vacation when the puppies could leave their mom. I highly recommend Joanne as a breeder and would buy another puppy from her if I were in the market.¬ She loves her dogs and their puppies and takes excellent care of them. Lou in Memphis, TN.


I can't say enough good things about JoAnn and Shedd's Shih Tzu. She kept me updated with information and many pictures and our little one is perfect! You can clearly tell he was handled and loved. He is very well house trained (considering he is a little bitty thing!) We are very pleased with every aspect of our business dealing with JoAnn and her kennel. We highly recommend her!! Besty Taylor

I was searching online for shih tzu in the middle TN area and having no luck for the longest time until I thought why not try closer to a little closer to home and typed in Lawrenceburg TN it was the best thing I could have done. I found Joann and her beautiful babies I gave her a call that day and got the information inwas looking for and with that one phone call I could tell how much she loves her babies and wants the best for them. I decided to wait on Applebutter and Tater Tots litter because we were going on vacation. Once I decided on that I called Joann again and she told me how to get my deposit in for my little girl. She kept in touch with me before the babies ever got here which only further showed how much she cared and then when the time came I got to pick out my beautiful Ruby she is so sweet and loving. It was the best day bringing her home she did so well I was shocked but she has only continued to impress me I can only say that it is due to Joann and how much she loves and cares for these babies. She has also still been available for any questions I might have after getting Ruby. Thank you Joann for my sweet Ruby she has already brought such joy to my life.


My experience with Shedds Shiatzu°¶s and Joann was my best experience when planning to add an additional fur baby to the familyJoann was by far the most approachable and open to sharing all information on her babies. I had researched many breeders when looking for a Shiatzu puppy and Joann was most defiantly the most obvious pick. From day one I really enjoyed talking to Joann and she has so much knowledge to share about this beautiful breed.We went to Joann°¶s house to pick out our baby girl, now Maizie. After making our pick we had no questions in placing a deposit for our new potential puppy. Joann sent us weekly pictures (someone more because we were so impatientÉļ) of our growing girl and shared every milestone with us.I would recommend Joann and her puppies to anyone looking for a healthy little bundle of shitizu fun. Our baby Maizie has been a blessing to our family and my other 3 dogs love her. She is fantastic with my young children and her colors and personality are perfect. DEBBIE H .

Joann Shedds is a special lady who has a deep love for all her dogs and puppies. Joann is very professional and has a wealth of knowledge and information about the care of her dogs and puppies. She makes sure that her pups receive the best of care from the time they are born and all her pups have their shots and are thoroughly checked out by her veterinarian before they go to their new homes Because Joann truly loves her dogs she is very careful about who she allows to adopt her puppies. I know we talked quite a bit before she agreed to let us to take her home with us. I am so thankful to her because our puppy is super healthy and has a wonderful nature Our little Kenzie was about seven weeks old when we brought her home. She has been a delight and joy and has such a loving nature. She has no fear and is full of curiosity and spunk. I know this is due to the loving care she received from birth by Joann. I would highly recommend Joann Shedds to anyone wanting a special Shit-Tzu puppy. Sheís the best breeder Iíve ever known. MARLIYN A. .