I found Joann after doing a lot of research. I looked through the newspaper and saw her ad. And when I went online to search for a shih tzu, Shedds Shih Tzus was where I kept coming back to! I wanted to pick out my puppy so bad because I knew how fast Joann sold her puppies! Joann agreed to let me drive to her house to pick out my new puppy even though it was almost 11:00 pm! When I got to Joanns I shocked to see all the personalities of her dogs. Her dogs were so welcoming and even Jubilee who had a littler of puppies she was looking after let us reach right in and take her puppies to look at! We were able to pet Jubilee and look at all her puppies, I never imagined a new mother would be so accepting of strangers! You could tell Joann’s dogs were well taken care of. I have now had my precious boy for 4 years and I couldn’t be happier! When I brought him home he was pretty much already paper trained which was a blessing! Joann begins to paper and crate train her puppies as soon as they are born and that has been the best thing I could ask for! He picked up on paper training with such ease. Paper training all those new puppies shows how much Joann cares for her puppies but also how much she cares for the success of her adoptions. Since I got my little man I have referred my sister, her friend, as well as one of my friends to Joann. They all three got puppies from Joann! I will always refer anyone looking for a Shih Tzu to Joann! My mother just recently got a baby boy from Joann just last week and he is absolutely perfect! He is already paper trained! He sleeps through the whole night only waking up once to tell my mom he has to potty, then right back to sleep! His personality is already so apparent and he is only 8 weeks old! He is so playful! We couldn’t have asked for more in our pets and it’s all because the amazing breeder they came from! If you are wanting a Shih Tzu you would be crazy not to get one from Joann!

Thank you so much for all you do! -Brooke- My Shedd’s Experience

I am a previous Shih Tzu owner therefore I had an idea what to expect with a new puppy. The day before I went to get my puppy, the news had a story about a puppy mill found in another town in Middle Tennessee. I was petrified! So naturally, I was very eerie about getting a dog. However ALL my fears were put to ease when I went in JoAnn Shedd’s home. She had very lovely dogs that were well groomed to say the least. There were no outside kennels and all the dogs have a nice, clean, and cozy area to call their own. From the look of the house, owners, and dogs, you could tell very quickly that this is a home full of love!

As soon as we made it home with our new puppy, he was everything I expected him to be AND MORE! This little man was so well trained I was amazed! My last pup was well behaved, but not trained at all. Ms. JoAnn’s pup was paper trained and kennel trained when I brought him home! He is a wonderful pet and I would recommend JoAnn to anyone! She has also been a wonderful resource to any information I was unsure of having a puppy again.


Middle Tennessee

Purchased February 2011