We recently purchased a puppy from Shedd"s Shihtzus witch we named Lucky. We brought Lucky yo our vet and Dr. Tim said everything was great!!! Shedd"s Shihtzus had givin us a record of his shots so he was up-to-date.

Lucky is a very happy playful puppy and we are enjoying him totally!! Everyone we see loves Lucky and wants to take him home.

We want to thank Shedd"s Shihtzus for the love and care they gave to (Puddles) now Lucky durning his first weeks, it shows in the dog!!

We would recommend Shedd"s Shihtzus to anyone!!

We were looking for a new addition to our family and a companion for our older dog, Izzie. I had visited many other places and shelters looking for the perfect Shih Tzu puppy to bring home, and all of them smelled and the puppies looked like they were unhealthy or the result of in-breeding. There was this one homed that my husband and 2boys visited and that was the Shedd's home. Walking in there was the smell of a sweet tropical island. i didn't even know there were dogs in there til we walked into a room and all of a sudden Babies started barking!! They were all soo clean, smelled wonderfully and beautiful!! At first we fell in love with a Mini-Tzu she named Binks. He was sooo small a had the cutest little face on him. My husband and I had jumped the handle and chose Binks without thinking completely through. We have 2 boys, 1 is 4yrs old and the baby just turned 5mths old. We had hoped that he would get a little bigger but Ms Joann had kept us updated on how Binks' process. Since he hadn't grown much we had talked about how we were afraid that the boys, being boys, may hurt him and didn't want to even think of those things. Ms. Joann was soo sweet and caring and completely understood how we felt and went with our 2nd choice, Jude. We renamed him Charlie White, our oldest calls him Charwie. Charlie has adjusted very well to our family and to our oldest dog Izzie. She's been teaching him how to avoid a 4yr old running around the house and has showed him how to ride on the console of our truck. :)
Ms. Joann and her husband are the best Shih Tzu breeders i have ever seen!! They have a passion that everyone should have when breeding their animals. Their babies have a wonderful temperment and beautiful faces and wonderful scents. I know that it may seem odd to love the way your animals smell but it can make a difference in how you feel about them. All animals i have ever owned are treated as my children and that is how the Shedd's treat their babies, as their babies. My husband,I and 2 boys were welcomed with open arms by them and are spreading the word about the beautiful Shedd's Shih Tzus. i have never owned a Shih Tzu or a small breed before but we love Charlie and are thinking about getting another baby real soon. Thank you for everything that you have done for us!!
God Bless,

 Hey there Joann,

 Just wanted to let you know that we are so happy with little Luna{was Caramellow}. She is just gorgeous and soo sweet:} She has already started playing with little Quibbler{her new boyfriend}and sniffed around at the other critters, so she is getting use to everything pretty well. Thanks so much for giving us such a sweet,beautiful little girl! I WILL DEFINITELY BUY FROM YOU AGAIN!                                 THANKS KAYLA AND CATELIN

Dear JoAnn-----We are enjoying our puppy we purchased from you about 6 weeks ago. He is doing very well and he is healthy. We appreciated your loving care you give to the mothers and fathers especially the clean kennels you have. We visited many breeders before we selected one of your puppies. We have recommended you to several of our friends looking for a puppy. We will keep you posted on our baby. Joyce